Peer Review Process

Article acceptance for publication in Jurnal Ilmu Nutrisi dan Teknologi Pakan (JINTP) is determined by the Board of Editors and Reviewers. Article submitted to JINTP’s OJS will be accepted by the Editorial Board and then reviewed by the Chief Editor to determine whether article can be accepted with minor/major corrections or rejected. Rejection and acceptance of articles based on article criteria set by the Editorial Board. Articles written by a member of the Editorial Board are not reviewed by the person concerned to maintain the objectivity and quality of the writing.

The editor will send the received article to two reviewers, reviewer from outside IPB and reviewer from within IPB. Article is sent anonymously to reviewers to maintain the freedom of reviewers to read and correct the substance of the contents of the article. A reviewer is regulated by the system so he/she will not review his/her own article. The Chief Editor checks the suitability of the article format with the guidelines.

Three review results are recapitulated by the administration section of the journal then the review results were sent to the authors via OJS. The results of the revision of the article by the authors are sent back via OJS.

Article revisions by the authors are checked again by the Editor to check conformity with the results of the review by the reviewers. Articles in English or Abstract are examined by a certain team. The article is then laid out, checked for plagiarism using Turnitin.

The Editorial Board meeting is held to decide whether the manuscript is ready for publication. Before publication, the Chief Editor re-checks the layout of the article then the article is ready for publication.