Journal of Nutritional Science and Dietetics (Journal of Nutritional Science and Dietetics) is a scientific journal that publishes various research articles on nutrition and dietetics, which relate to biochemical aspects of nutrition, clinical nutrition, community nutrition, sports nutrition, dietetics, food components for health, nutritional supplementation and fortification, food security and nutrition, nutritional education and counseling, as well as socioeconomic and cultural aspects of nutrition, including nutritional and dietetic regulations and information.

This journal is an official publication from the Department of Public Nutrition, Faculty of Human Ecology, IPB and PERGIZI PANGAN Indonesia, as well as the Indonesian Dietitian Association (AsDI) which has been published since 2022. This journal is published regularly 4 (four) times a year, namely in March , June, September and December. All published manuscripts can be fully accessed (open access) by readers. The publication form of this journal is in the form of an online publication with the number E-ISSN 2830-0890