Author Guidelines

Journal of Soil Science and Environment Jurnal Ilmu tanah dan Lingkungan is a media that presents articles on the results of research and studies of the latest developments in the field of soil science, water, and environmental sciences as the main study material.

Manuscripts in the form of original manuscripts that have never been published or are not in the process of publication in other national and international scientific journals. The author must refer to the instructions below when preparing the manuscript.


Type of Manuscript

Full Article. The full article is expected to present authenticity, provide major and important advances in the fields of soil, water and environmental science, have an extensive research scheme and present an in-depth discussion of findings. The structure of the article consists of Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusions and Bibliography. Articles must be typed on a maximum of 15 pages of paper (including pictures and tables).

Script Format

Manuscripts must be prepared in Microsoft Word format, except Graphics using the Microsoft Excel program and Images using the JPEG or PDF format. The manuscript is typed on A4 size paper (21.0 x 29.7 cm) with a distance of 2 spaces, with 12 New Times New Roman letters. Typing distance from the left edge is 3.0 cm, while the right, top and bottom edges are 2.5 cm each. Each page is given a page number. The manuscript can be written in Indonesian or English.

The manuscript is arranged in the following order:

  1. If the article is written in Indonesian, the title is written in Indonesian and English, whereas if the article is in English, the title is written only in English.
  2. The full name of the author without abbreviated.
  3. The name of the institution, accompanied by the complete address with the postal code number of each author.
  4. Correspondent authors are provided with a telephone/mobile number and e-mail.
  5. Running title
  6. Abstract in Indonesian and English for articles written in Indonesian, while for articles in English, Abstract is written only in English. Maximum number of words from Abstract is 300 words.
  7. Keywords maximum of 6 (six) words.
  8. Introduction
  9. Materials and Methods
  10. Results and Discussion
  11. Conclusions
  12. Acknowledgments
  13. References
  14. Tables and figures and their descriptions.

In addition, the author must fill a Statement which has been signed, especially by the Main Author.

Manuscripts and Declarations must be submitted electronically via an online system:

The author cannot send the manuscript electronically, then the manuscript can be sent to the email address:;

Secretariat Address:

Department of Soil Science and Land Resources Departemen Ilmu Tanah dan Sumberdaya Lahan, Faculty of Agriculture, IPB University, Jl. Meranti Wing 12 Lt 4, Kampus Darmaga IPB, Bogor 16680

No. Tel / Mobile: 0251-8629360 / 08121108782

For complete information can be downloaded below:

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