Autentikasi Produk Olahan Ikan Hiu Komersial menggunakan Teknik Species-Specific DNA Mini-barcodes. Authentication of Commercially Shark Products Using Species-Specific DNA Mini-barcodes Techniques

Asadatun Abdullah, Ari Elisa Ratih, Shabrina Aulia, Puji Rianti, Tati Nurhayati, Agoes Mardiono Jacoeb


The use of shark fishery for processed fishery products raw material may threat the vulnerable shark population to extinction. Sharks generally traded in the form of: fins, salted and boiled fish meat, fish oil and for animal feed, therefore, the identification process using morphology and meristic based methods are challenging. An alternative to the process of seafood labelling authentication, the DNA mini barcodes technique could be applied. This study was aimed to design and apply species-specific DNA mini barcodes primers of three endangered shark species that are included in the CITES list (Sphyrna lewini, Alopias pelagicus, Carcharhinus falciformis) as well as applying it into various commercial processed shark products. The research methods were collection of processed fishery product samples, designing species-specific primers, DNA isolation, testing the quality and quantity of DNA, DNA amplification, and sequencing. Various commercial products were successfully amplified by species-specific primers, namely the target of 300 bp (S. lewini), 285 bp (A. pelagicus) and 352 bp (C. falciformes). The sequencing results demonstrated the identified species as S. lewini, A. pelagicus, C. falciformes and Hemigaleus microstoma with homology of 99-100%. The results showed that the illegal application of sharks, thus it is necessary to apply more stringent regulations to conserve shark species that have been threatened with extinction.


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Asadatun Abdullah (Primary Contact)
Ari Elisa Ratih
Shabrina Aulia
Puji Rianti
Tati Nurhayati
Agoes Mardiono Jacoeb
AbdullahA., Elisa RatihA., AuliaS., RiantiP., NurhayatiT., & Mardiono JacoebA. (2020). Autentikasi Produk Olahan Ikan Hiu Komersial menggunakan Teknik Species-Specific DNA Mini-barcodes.: Authentication of Commercially Shark Products Using Species-Specific DNA Mini-barcodes Techniques. Jurnal Pengolahan Hasil Perikanan Indonesia, 23(2), 383-391.

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