The Characteristic of Calcium Fortified Fish Keropok from Belida Fish Bone

Indrati Kusumaningrum, Andi Noor Asikin


Belida (Chitala sp.) bone is one of the waste from amplang processing which not treated properly
yet until now especially in East Kalimantan. One type of the usage of this waste is processed to fish bone
powder as calcium source which can be added to various food formulations such as keropok. The aim of
this study was to determine the chemical characteristics of belida fishbone powder added keropok Observed
parameters in this study were moisture content, ash content, protein content, fat content, calcium content,
phosphor content and whiteness. The method applied the experimental design was Completely Randomized
Design with five treatments of 0% (K0), 5% (K1), 10% (K2), 15% (K3) dand 20% (K4) fishbone powder
addition with three replications to each treatments. The results showed that the addition of belida bone
powder hadn’t significant effect to moisture of fortified keropok while had significant effect on ash, protein,
fat, calcium, phosphor content and whitness. The higher addition of fishbone powder increasing the value of
ash, calcium, phosphor and whiteness but decreasing protein and fat content of fortifief keropok. The result
showed that K3 was the best treatment with 5.64% calcium content.


Indrati Kusumaningrum (Primary Contact)
Andi Noor Asikin
KusumaningrumI., & AsikinA. N. (2017). The Characteristic of Calcium Fortified Fish Keropok from Belida Fish Bone. Jurnal Pengolahan Hasil Perikanan Indonesia, 19(3), 233-240.

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