Extraction and characterization of liver oil from silky shark

Anhar Rozi, Sugeng Heri Suseno, Agoes Mardiono Jacoeb


Silky shark liver was 10-15% of its body mass and 50% of oil is contained in the liver. The aimed of
this study was to determine heavy metal content, fatty acid profile on raw material, extraction of its oil, and
parameter of oxidation. The method of heavy metal test stated on the SNI and fatty acid analysis referred
to AOAC. The extraction was oven methode at 50, 60, 70, and 80°C in 8 hours. Cadmium (Cd) as the
highest heavy metal content with 0.88±0.01 ppm, SFA was 18.46% composed by palmitic acid dominantly
(12.59%). The MUFA was 24.54 % with the highest oleic acid (17.86%). PUFA was 19.11 % that consist of
DHA (14.35%) as the most abundantly present while EPA was 1.50%. Shark liver oil which was extracted
at 50°C had the highest yield (24.47%). The oxidation of silky shark liver oil extraction indicated the best
treatment at 50°C with peroxide value (PV), p-Anisidine value (p-AV), percentage of free fatty acid (% FFA),
acid value (AV), and total oxidation (TOTOX) were 7.26±1.27 mEq/kg, 16.79±0.28 mEq/kg, 5.47±0.12%,
10.88±0.25 mg KOH/kg, and 31.31±2.26 mEq/kg respectively.


Anhar Rozi
anharrozi89@gmail.com (Primary Contact)
Sugeng Heri Suseno
Agoes Mardiono Jacoeb
RoziA., SusenoS. H., & JacoebA. M. (2016). Extraction and characterization of liver oil from silky shark. Jurnal Pengolahan Hasil Perikanan Indonesia, 19(2), 100-109. https://doi.org/10.17844/jphpi.v19i2.13453

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