Nilai Hematologi Rusa Sambar (Cervus unicolor) yang ditangkarkan

  • G. Semiadi
  • R Wilson
  • P. D. Muir
  • T. N. Barry


Nine tame young (10-14 monts of age) housed sambar, consided of 5 stags and 4 hinds, were blood sampled in May 1992 (late autum) and september 1992 (early spring) using physical  restraint without sedation. In May 1992, four semidomestical adult sambar stags in hard antler; managed at pasture were sedated using a mixture of xylazine hydrochlorine (Rompun, Bayer, NZ) and fentanyl citrate-azaperone (Fentas, Ethnor Pty.Ltd.Nort Ryde, Australia), at a ratio of 3:1. administrated by traquillizer dart (Paxarms Ltd, Timaru, NZ) and were blood sampled. All samples were analyzed for standart haematological analysis (Hill et al.1992).


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