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The purpose of this study was to experimentally determine the effect of how calopyllum inophilum and magnetic field variations affect flame stability, ignition delay time, temperature, and height during droplet combustion. At present, Indonesia is still developing biodiesel palm oil as a renewable fuel source to replace diesel. The problem is, biodiesel palm oil is used as a source of food so that it will have an impact on the scarcity of food. The fuel used in this study is crude calopyllum inophillum oil which is coupled with variations in the orientation of the South - North, North - South, South - South, North - North Magnetic fields and without. The volume of the droplet tested 1.25-1.31 ml is placed in the thermocouple type K 0.1 mm which is located between 2 magnets, with a magnetic field intensity of 1.1 Tesla (11000 gauss). The results showed that the magnetic field played a role in improving the quality of combustion through its role to increase collisions between molecules to be stronger because the electron spin accelerated by the magnetic field. This effect can be seen in the direction of the North - South magnetic field which produces the highest temperature and the shortest ignition delay time. This is because the direction of the magnetic pole acts as transportation O2 and H2O across the droplet so that the resulting reaction can improve the quality of combustion.


vegetable oil droplet combustion magnetic field flame characteristics

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