Analisis Kualitas Air untuk Pengembangan Sarana Rekreasi dan Budidaya Perikanan di Situ Cicadas

  • Nevky Emiraj Saputra Yayasan Nastari
  • Cindikia Annisa Puspadewi Department of Silviculture, Faculty of Forestry and Environment - IPB University
  • Hariadi Propantoko Yayasan Nastari


The existence of Situ Cicadas is very important for the survival of the community both socio-economically and psychologically. In the future, the development of Situ Cicadas will be developed into a water recreation area and aquaculture. However, the problem faced is that the upstream condition of Situ Cicadas is a company and community settlements are suspected of being a source of pollution to the water body of Situ Cicadas. So, it is necessary to know the water quality and the value of pollution parameters in Situ Cicadas. The results of this study are expected to be important information for future management planning for Cicadas lakes. The results showed that the waters in Cicadas Lake had good brightness and pH for aquaculture and water recreation. However, the content of TSS, BOD, and COD far exceeds the water quality standard values ​​determined by the government through PP No. 22 of 2021. Thus, joint action is needed by the parties to maintain and improve the quality of the waters in Cicadas Lake.

Keywords: Pollutant parameters, Situ Cicadas, water quality


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