Optimasi Dosis Pemupukan pada Budidaya Cabai (Capsicum annuum L.) Menggunakan Irigasi Tetes dan Mulsa Polyethylene

Vivit F. Alviana, Anas D. Susila


Chili peper (Capsicum annuum L.) var. Prabu was grown with polyethylene mulched and drip irrigation system on Andosol Sukamantri soil with low pH (4.5), low C-Organic (1.79%), low N-total (0.18%), high K content (0.76 me/100 g), and very high soil P2O5 concentration (190 ppm) to optimise fertilizer rate for drip irrigated and polyethylene mulched crop management system. This research was conducted from March - July 2004 at Danasworo Hydrogarden Ciapus Bogor. This research was arranged in Randomized Completely Block Design with four levels of fertilizer rate (0=control; 1x recommendation rate =151 kg N/ha, 69 kg P2O5/ha, 120 kg K2O/ha; 2x recommendation rate = 302 kg N/ha, 138 kg P2O5/ha, 240 kg K2O/ha; 3x recommendation rate = 453 kg N/ha, 207 kg P2O5/ha, 360 kg K2O/ha). Hundred percent of P, 50% N and K were applied pre-plant and 50% N and K were fertigated 10 times. The result showed that plant height and plant dry weight increased linearly with fertilizer application from 0 to 3x recommendation rate. Total marketable yield was quadratically increased with fertilizer application from 0 to 3x recommendation rate. Base on total marketable yield, optimum recommendation rate for chili with drip and polyethylene mulch were 237.07 Kg N/ha, 108.33 Kg P2O5/ha, and 188.4 Kg K2O/ha.


Key words :  Chili, fertilizer, drip irrigation, polyethylene mulch, fertigation

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24831/jai.v37i1.1391

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